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There are many ways to get involved with our ministry. Regardless of the amount of time, resources, or experience you have, there is room for you in our Living Free Family. No matter how you choose to get involved, know that every bit makes a difference.  

Call us today!  336-376-5066

Volunteer with Living Free

Get involved at one of our thrift stores. We welcome anyone who is looking to stay active in the community.   

Fundraise for Living Free

Many of our supporters are raising funds through resources like social media. Others are helping with fundraising events. Get started today by calling our office at 336-376-5066.

Share our Story

You can help share the word of God, and the power He has in restoring lives and rebuilding bonds between families. 

Donate to Living Free

Our ministry is constantly growing. This is possible thanks to your contributions! Thank you for helping change lives!

We love sharing what Jesus is doing in our lives. If you would like for us to visit your church or organization to share our testimonies give us a call at 336-376-5066.
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