The Living Free Residential Regeneration Program requires a nine month commitment.  
The focus is a man’s relationship with God and his need for reconciliation, spiritual healing, and discipleship.  Living Free is a Christian alternative to the usual drug treatment programs.

The Living Free Ministries program is divided into three phases.  
During phase one, a man will be encouraged to develop a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and with others in the program.  He will write a personal contract stating specific achievable goals that he intends to attain during his time in the program.  During this phase, biblical counseling, classroom teaching, and small groups are methods used to address the spiritual, mental, and physical issues involved with addiction.  

Phase two is the process of Inner Healing where a man learns that forgiveness is the key to spiritual maturity and that the cross is the focal point for all forgiveness.  

The third and final phase of the Regeneration Program is Discipleship Training.  Here a man learns to take his focus off his addiction and who he used to be and begins to walk in the truth of who God says he is. 

Every man in the program is assigned a work task for approximately five hours each day according to his physical abilities and skills.  The purpose of this is to learn good work ethics, apply relational skills, and develop team work in a closely supervised environment.

During a man’s program, his family is encouraged to come on the weekends to participate in the Family Recovery Program where each family member receives guidance and spiritual instruction in the rebuilding of a healthy family life.

About The Living Free Ministries Program
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Living Free Ministries is...
-A Christian Residential Recovery Program for Men
-A safe place to experience recovery from drug addiction
-Located on a farm in Snow Camp, North Carolina
-Help for men struggling with drug and alcohol abuse
-Long term drug rehab that is Christ-centered
-A chemical addiction recovery plan that includes family recovery
 -An option to traditional "treatment" and focuses on recovery and regenration.