"Living the addicted life for eleven years doesn't have much hope or a good future. That's the life I was living. I've been at Living Free Ministries for two months and God is doing His Mighty works in my life. I have ruined relationships and He is 
restoring them already. I have peace that I would never find again. I have hope that I thought was long gone. I am living the free life now and none of it could have been possible without my Lord and Savior. Jay and Christie Doss are two
amazing people, who have compassion for people who need help in anyway and God shines through them in a mighty way. Heath and Rachelle are two servants of the Lord who love everyone and the Lord. I am right where God wants me. I have never been more in His will than right now. I thank the Lord He led me to LFM, I have grown to love these guys and the Lord because He first loved me!"  



Before I came to Living Free, I was a spiritually bankrupt man that felt like life was not worth living anymore. By the grace of God I found out about Living Free. Jay had compassion for me and welcomed me into the family here at Living Free Ministries. Since that day, January 14th, my life has changed as I never could imagine. I always thought I was saved, but since being at Living Free, I know I have truly found Christ. I now look at life differently. For the first time in years, I have hope. I feel a love in me that I’ve never known before. Living Free has truly been a blessing to me, and I thank the Lord everyday for bringing me here and saving my life.



Living Free Ministries goes above and beyond what I imagined it would be. They have provided me with support, love, and hope for a new life in Christ. I have gained the knowledge here to change, and to put all my focus on the Lord.  

Their compassion and encouragement is greater than any other program I have been in. For the first time in a long time – I have experienced true joy. I’m extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this ministry and to be so blessed!

Jordan Faircloth


When I came to the bottom in my life after 20 years of drug addiction. I was hopeless, homeless, and spiritually bankrupt. I had a choice to make, and I chose to call Living Free. This was the most important decision I had ever made for my life. Thanks to Jay and Christie, I have more love, joy and peace in my life today because of a new-found relationship I have with Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the place that God has for me today to glorify His kingdom.

Drew Fowler


I spent over 20 years battling my addiction. My addiction has cost me a marriage, my relationships with my children and it took my freedom. Thanks to Living Free Ministries, I have been able to develop a personal relationship with Christ and through Him I have been given a new way of life.  

Doug Metcalf 


My journey at Living Free started September of 2010. The Lord saved me and then gave me a chance at life. I completed the program in May of 2011. I made poor choices and chose to leave Living Free in September of 2011. Only a few months later I was back in my addiction. I reached out for help and Jay and Living Free took me in. The Lord worked and I went to Dunklin Memorial Church, to the Regeneration Program. I have spent the last 2 years in Okeechobee, FL. The Lord changed my life over and those two years. I completed the program and chose to stay for SLT. As the SLT came to an end, the Lord began to speak to me about Living Free.  

To make it short, the Lord opened the door to give me a chance to come back and serve at Living Free. My life has been transformed and my heart is not the same. The Lord has called me to serve other men like me and teach them about Jesus. Jesus gave me life and the gift to share it.

Jared Gentry


For 7 years, I have searched for anything to make me feel whole. I ran away from my problems, used chemicals to numb it away, and pushed away God along with my entire family. Living Free is where God placed me and He is faithful in every way. God has restored hope, love, and my family but God promises even more. I'm thankful for those at Living Free that have allowed God to take over their lives and serve God the way he instructed them. ~ Johanan Ballinger 

I came to Living Free in February 2013 after years of running from a relationship with the Lord and destroying the relationships I had with those closest to me. I came here broken, knowing that my life was missing something, and on April 9th of last year I got saved and realized that Christ in me was what I had been lacking all along.  

Since that time, the Lord has dramatically changed my heart, giving me the opportunity to restore so many of my relationships to a place I never thought they'd return. He gave me the chance to remain here at Living Free after my graduation and I am so grateful for Jay and Christie continuing to pour into me, giving me guidance as I walk out my new life in Christ. The Lord, through this program, has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined, and I am so excited to see the plans He has for me and my family going forward.  

Jonathan Walker

Testimonies from Living Free Ministries
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